University Interconnection Networks

The RIU (University Interconnection Network) emerged in November 1994 through an agreement between national universities and the Secretariat for University Policies (SPU) of the Ministry of Education of the Nation for the development of an academic network. This project was financed by the Higher Education Reform Program and was completed in 1997 with the launch of the largest national academic network offering national and international connectivity.

In 1995, the Argentine NIC transferred the administration of the subdomain “edu.ar” to the RIU. For operational reasons, the server was initially implemented in the NOC UBA (University of Buenos Aires) on a computer from that university.

In 1999, a Mixed Commission CIN-SPU (National Interuniversity CouncilSecretariat of University Policies) was created, which worked on the management of an agreement between national universities that would respond to economic and technical problems, and that would make possible the continuity of the Network. This Commission ends its work with a proposal to conclude with the company that provides the data transmission services an agreement for the technological update of the RIU, financing the debt that at the time the RIU maintained with the provider company and continuity of the RIU for the time necessary to develop strategies for the future of the links.

At the beginning of the year 2000, new negotiations were initiated with the service provider company, which culminated in an agreement on clearly more advantageous conditions for national universities, with a technological update of the Network, the cancellation of the debt with the provider, the extension of the services the cost of the international link in charge of the Secretary of Higher Education.

In May 2000, by agreement with the Asociación Civil Ciencia Hoy, the technical administration of the RIU network was contracted with the RETINA Technical Team.

In December 2000, during the CIN plenary held in the city of Santa Fe, the national universities signed an agreement for the provisional administration of the RIU and were responsible for the operating cost.

In August 2001, meeting in the city of Resistencia, the rectors of the national universities resolved to constitute the Asociación Civil Redes de Interconectado Universitaria (ARIU), as a non-profit association destined to administer the Network, marking a historical milestone for the universities and national university institutes.

In August 2003, the General Inspection of Justice of the Nation granted the ARIU the Legal Status granted by Resolution No. 922.

In March 2007, the ARIU retakes the technical administration of the RIU and the subdomain “edu.ar” and on March 29, 2007 an Extraordinary Assembly is held in the city of San Luis where the current Board of Directors is appointed and approved. a plan for administrative normalization of the Association and technological updating of the RIU.

In May 2007, a tender was called for the contracting of new RIU links for all members of the Association and in August 2007 the purchase order was issued in favor of Telecom Argentina SA, the company that was awarded.

In October 2007, the headquarters of the RIU’s NOC (Network Operation Center) was established in the city of Buenos Aires.