University Interconnection Networks

The Association is run by a Board of Directors made up of rectors or representatives of national universities and university institutes.

Currently the Board of Directors is made up of:

Board of Directors

  • Mario Ricardo Sabbatini President: Dr. Mario Ricardo Sabbatini –

    National University of the South

  • Carlos De Marziani Secretary: Dr. Carlos De Marziani – National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco
  • Miguel Gonzalez Gaviola

    Treasurer: Dr. Miguel Gonzalez Gaviola – National University of Cuyo

  • Flavio Fama

    1st Member: Ing. Flavio Fama – National University of Catamarca

  • Norberto Caminoa

    2nd member: Ing. Norberto Caminoa – National University of Chilecito

    Oscar Nasisi

    Alternate Member 1st : Dr. Ing. Oscar Nasisi –National University of San Juan

  • Maria Delfina Veiravé

    Alternate Member 2nd : Prof. Maria Delfina Veiravé – National University of Nordeste

Accounts Review Commission

  • Headlines
    • Antonio Fernández

      CPN. Antonio Fernández Fernández – National University  of Salta

    • Hugo Andrade

      Lic. Hugo Andrade –National University of Moreno

    • Alfredo Remo Lazzeretti

      CPN. Alfredo Remo Lazzeretti –National University of Mar del Plata

  • Alternates
    • Roberto Tassara

      Cr. Roberto Tassara –National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires

    • Danya Tavela

      Mg. Danya Tavela – National University of the  Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires

The Board of Directors has an Advisory Commission

Specialized made up of seven specialists in information and communication technologies belonging to the universities that are members of the Network.

They are:

  •  Dr. José Luis del Barco –National University of Litoral
  •  Ing. Carlos Matrángolo –National University of  South
  •  Ing. Miguel Montes –National University of Córdoba
  •  Ing. Alejandro del Brocco –National University of Quilmes
  •  AdeS. Marcos Negrini –National University of Southern Patagonia
  •  Lic. Nestor Gareis –National University of  Pampas
  •  Ing. Miguel Morandi –National University of San Juan

RIU Technical and Management Team

  •  Carlos F. Frank
  •  Alejandro Del Brocco
  •  Daniel Riganti
  •  Facundo Cachan
  •  Manuel Colombini
  •  Luciano Minuchin
  •  Natalia Violante
  •  Lorena Caram