University Interconnection Networks

The ARIU (Association of University Interconnection Networks) is a joint venture of the National Universities and University Institutes that are members of the CIN (National Interuniversity Council) with the purpose of carrying out the management of networks to facilitate computer communication at national and international level, of national universities, promoting computer, technological, educational research and cultural development in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies.

The ARIU constitutes a strategic alliance of the national university system in the field of information technologies and its mission is to promote their integration, in all areas of university work.

Universities, by their nature, carry out research in different fields of knowledge, they have a much more proactive behavior towards new technologies, products and services. The foregoing translates, among other things, into higher bandwidth consumption and higher quality of service demands compared to other Internet service clients.

The ARIU, manages the RIU (University Interconnection Network) which aims not only to be the technological platform to deliver traditional Internet services (email, file transfer, Internet browsing, etc.) in a better way, but also to be integrator of the national university academic community.

In summary, the objectives of the ARIU are: to provide national and international connectivity services to the associated universities; promote the integration of information technologies in the university environment through dissemination and training; promote the development of collaborative projects between universities for the use of information technologies; develop services related to information technologies that enhance the activities of the university system; generate resources that facilitate the financing of the RIU taking advantage of the university system.